November 21, 2023

Recruiting Reality: Thanksgiving Special


Episode Highlights

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! We wanted to ask our fellow Hirewellians what they are most thankful for at Hirewell. Tune in to hear their answers and take a second to say “Thank You” to someone in your life! 

Episode Transcript

Hey everyone, Happy Thanksgiving. Welcome back to another week of Recruiting Reality, the show where we pair up hot topics in the entertainment industry with some helpful recruiting tips. But since this week is all about thankfulness, we wanted to switch things up a little bit and talk about people we’re thankful for.

Yes, we are feeling all of the gratitude and want to be able to share it not only with you all, but with our teammates. So this video is very special because you’re also going to hear from some of our colleagues on some folks that they would like to thank for the year. So I’ll kick it off collectively both for me and Shania.

We are so thankful for Nia and Alexis. They are The brains behind the scenes who make all of the magic happen, not only for our show, but I think all of the shows, right Shania? Yeah. Every talent insights show, every person from Hirewell that posts anything that’s Hirewell affiliated, as far as video goes, they are the backbone of it all.

They’re awesome. And we just have to give a big thank you to them, for our show just together. And on a personal note, I want to give my personal thankfulness shout out to Molly Hansen. She’s been my cheerleader since I started. She’s been someone who I’ve looked up to, someone who’s helped me figure out the ropes of recruiting in an agency environment.

So Molly, I’m so thankful for you. And Liz, what about you? Okay, I have a tiny shout out for Molly too, just because she’s my co-chair on our women’s group ERG. She’s just the best. She’s the GOAT. She really is. Greatest of all time. But also personally, I am going to give my shout out to Ro. Ro is a partner, over our corporate functions division, and also my boss, and also the person I call when I’m like, “What am I doing right now?”

And she just kind of helps me through all of the things, is always so positive, has such good ideas. And is just, you know, incredible. Yeah, she’s the best as well. Everyone’s just the best. And so, like Liz said, we wanted some of our colleagues to be able to give some Thanksgiving thankfulness shout outs.

We asked them to just speak about just a couple of people, so that we didn’t get too broad here. But yeah, so stay tuned to hear some of their answers.

Who am I thankful for this year? Honestly, my gosh, there’s so many people at Hirewell that I could say thank you to, thank you for. But really the entire team is just made up such a group of incredible people. It’s been an incredibly interesting year in recruiting and everyone has been so resilient and stuck with things and got through to the other side. So I’m just thankful to be a part of this company and a part of this team.

Hi there, I’m Jill. And for this year, well, I am very grateful for everyone at Hirewell and everyone on my team. Extra grateful for my teammate, Jess. She has been hustling and working so hard and despite her workload, she is always willing to take time to talk with me, check in with me, see how I’m doing, offer any support. She works so hard and she is just a really wonderful person. And I always want to be able to make time for my teammates the way that she does, no matter how busy she is or how much work she has to do. So, thank you for being you, Jess. You are wonderful and so grateful for you.

Hey, everyone. This is Mike with Hirewell. Just wanted to take a quick moment to share what I’m thankful for at Hirewell. I’m very lucky to be a part of the go to market team, lot of amazing people in this group, but two in particular that I’m very thankful to work with are Molly Hansen and Shania Johnson. Both have been great teammates of mine for a very long time now. And, it’s just been really cool to see them both grow into, the amazing recruiters that they are today.

We’re thankful for family and work from home flexibility. What about you? What are you thankful for?

Cars? Nice.

Hi, my name’s Nicole Magats. I work with Liz and Shania at Hirewell, and I’m so excited to be here to share who I’m really grateful for this year. It’s hard to pick just 1 or 2 people, but for me, I decided that I’m really grateful for Rob Pabalan and Ali Winius. All 3 of us are on an engagement currently where we are delivering to a client and are embedded in the client.

And sometimes that can feel like you’re on your own little island. And I’m really grateful to have both of them to work with, to vent to, to celebrate wins with and to really kind of cherish some of those moments that we can have together while we’re on this project together. I’ve been able to work with them since I’ve been here at Hirewell, and I get to learn so much from them. Rob makes me laugh like crazy. Ali, I feel like we bonded really closely on just feeling very similarly in different situations, which has been really nice to kind of have someone that I feel close to, in that respect. So, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. And I’m really grateful to be here, and have a great Thanksgiving.

When I think about who I am most thankful for here at Hirewell, it’s an easy answer. It’s none other than Liz Everett. She is the person that recruited me to work here and she’s just an incredible colleague and a friend and of course an amazing recruiter. I absolutely love working with her and I’m just so thankful for her in my life.

Hey, Liz. Hey, Shania. Thanks for asking me to take part in your recruiting reality. In terms of who I’m thankful for at Hireable, I know you asked me to limit to one or two people and it’s not going to come as a surprise, but I’m going to cop out and thank everybody. I’m truly thankful for the organization. We’ve got an amazing team and I’m truly amazed and inspired by how resilient and hard working they have been in the challenging year. So thank you all. Happy Thanksgiving.

Alright, so, there’s so much thankfulness going on and we just want to wish you guys a Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy this time spent with your loved ones. Happy Thanksgiving!



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