October 23, 2023

Recruiting Reality: What is the Roman Empire of Recruiting?


Episode Highlights

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 In this week’s episode of Recruiting Reality, we lean into the “Roman Empire” trend by asking Hirewellians what they feel is the Roman Empire of Recruiting. Basically, what is the one recruiting thought that is always in the back of their minds? Tune in to see some new Hirewell faces on the show.

Episode Transcript

Welcome back to another episode of Recruiting Reality, the show where we pair up hot topics in the entertainment industry with some helpful recruiting tips. And a couple weeks ago, we got together with all of our Hirewell colleagues at our company event, and so we knew we needed them in a couple of videos.

So this video, you’ll get to see some new Hirewell faces. Yes, and we are so excited because we are talking about the trend that has taken over TikTok, which is the Roman Empire trend. And, asking folks, how often do you think about the Roman Empire? And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, Google it, go to social media, the responses are hilarious.

But we wanted to ask our colleagues, as recruiters, what is your Roman Empire? What is something that you are thinking about on a daily basis that is just always in the back of your head? So, we’re excited to share some of the responses that we got with you, and we’ll share ours at the end of the video as well.

I think about how the team is doing on a day to day basis. If they’re happy, if they love recruiting, and how, they’re liking Hirewell.

Elevating client and candidate experience. How do we serve our clients better? How do we make the process streamlined and make it a great experience for our clients?

Client satisfaction and how do we get our clients to keep coming back to us? What makes Hirewell stand out?

I can’t stop wondering what the most in demand skill sets were back during the Roman Empire.

Making sure my candidate is prepped for the interview so I have to talk to them before they go into their interview.

My favorite thing about working at Hirewell is definitely the people. But on top of that, I think the collaboration that you get to work with your people at Hirewell, and the teams, and the type of clients we get to partner with is top notch. We are very supportive. We partner with all types of organizations and you learn something new every day, not only from your coworkers, but from the clients and candidates that we work with.

My Roman Empire that I’m always thinking about is, are the candidates prepared for their interview? If I know that I have candidates that are interviewing, today or tomorrow in the back of my head, I’m wondering, you know, did they read all the notes that we went over? Do they have their questions prepared? Even though I have an interview prep call with each candidate before they interview and I go through just like extensive prep.

In my mind, I’m like, I really hope they did all the prep and that they’re ready to go. What’s your Shania? I feel like I’m always thinking about my pipeline of candidates. Like, have I updated them enough? Like, I want to make sure that they feel like I’m not ghosting them or that if our client is like taking a couple of weeks, like I want to make sure that

that candidate’s still engaged, because I don’t want the client to come back and be like, okay, ready to interview now? And I’m just always worried about the pipeline. Like I just want to make sure that the candidates feel noticed, that the client’s moving fast enough, so the pipeline is my number one, like, Roman Empire, what I’m consistently thinking about.

Yes, I feel that. We’d love to know what your Roman Empire is, so drop it in the comments below. See you guys next week.

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