Want to learn the ins and outs of conducting a Job Search when you are targeting a VP/C-Level role?  Join us this afternoon for a webinar where we go behind the scenes of conducting an Executive Job Search.

Searching for a new job early in your career is pretty straightforward.  Talk to a few recruiters, network with friends and family, and apply to a bunch of jobs online. But what about when you are looking for a VP/C-Level role?  Roles are few and far between and there is no simple playbook.

In episode 4 of Adventures in Job Seeking, I’ll talk with Phil Leslie, Chief Growth Officer, Havoc Shield (Techstars 2020) about how he navigated the process earlier this year.

1)  How to navigate VC/PE firms, Executive Search firms, and other decision-makers

2) How continuity Creates Opportunity

3) How to Find No’s that lead to Yes’s

4) How to enter through The Boardroom Door & what you need to be careful about

5) How to Treat the Exec Search Funnel Like a Sales Funnel

6) How to get creative with Advisory Boards, Mentorships, and Interim work