October 3, 2023

Finding the Right Fit in the OC Housing Market and in an Agency Recruiter


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In this episode of “Recruiting Reality,” we pair the show of “Selling the OC” with essential tips on discovering the perfect agency or agency recruiter. Much like house hunters in Orange County seek the right real estate group, job seekers are on a quest to find their ideal agency recruiter. Tune in to hear some helpful recruiting tips on best ways to find an agency or agency recruiter that will be helpful to you on your job search.

Episode Transcript

Welcome back to Recruiting Reality, the show where we pair up hot topics in the entertainment industry with some helpful recruiting tips. And this week we’re talking about the Selling Sunset franchise. And that is Liz’s bread and butter. So I’m just going to let her dive into it. This is so true. I love the Selling Sunset franchise.

Right now, I’ve been tuning into selling the OC. But, I think I feel this like extra special connection to it because I feel like real estate agents are so similar to recruiters. And that essentially we’re advocates for you during the process of-

for them, it’s homeowning or selling a home and, you know, specifically they target this broker called Oppenheim Group, and it focuses on all the agents and kind of all the deals that they have to do and working with their different clients. And it’s really similar to the world that we’re in, where we are representing you during your job search.

And so today. we wanted to compare kind of finding the right agent at the Oppenheim Group with making sure you are doing all the research you need to find the right recruiting firm and what goes into that. This one’s more for the candidates. So we’re going to share a couple tips for candidates and looking for a recruiting firm. I’ll share a couple and then I’ll pass it over to Shania. The first thing that I wanted to share is you want to make sure that you are working with a firm that has industry experience in whatever field that you’re in.

There are some firms that specialize only in accounting and finance. There are other firms like ourselves, the creme de la creme, like the Oppenheim Group, that have practices within Marketing, HR, Accounting and Finance, Supply Chain. Shania specializes in Marketing, so if you are a marketing person, reach out.

I’m in the corporate functions space, anything HR and Accounting and Finance. So shameless plugs there. And then the second thing is reviews, reputation. What do other folks have to say about their experiences? We’re going to link our G2 reviews in our video link. So make sure to check it out and give us a call.

But what are your thoughts, Shania? Yeah, I think the first thing is whenever a recruiter reaches out to you or you’re reaching out to recruiters to just make sure your guys communication styles align. Because I know on the job seeker end, it’s hard to try to reach out to a recruiter who’s not very responsive or who just isn’t giving you the effort and energy that you’re looking for as you’re having a very anxious time, like trying to get a new job and wanting to get an email back on interview times or prep or anything like that.

And so just making sure that your communication styles align just so in the long run, you feel good with who you’re working with and you feel confident that they can advocate well for you, as we always say, like we’re candidate advocates. So if you feel like they can’t advocate well on your behalf, you may want to start looking elsewhere as far as an agency recruiter goes.

And then the last point that happened to me in my job search is when looking for agencies, if they tell you flat out, well, you’re going to be like employed through us and we’re going to be taking chunks out of your paycheck for the next X amount of years. That’s just not a good sign that they’re taking it straight from you, always advise against it. Like if they’re telling you straight up, like, “Hey, we’re taking this amount from you.” Run away. So, that’s my advice. Run away. Exactly. And I have actually one more point to add. I think it’s also, you know, we talked a little bit about this in our responding to an email from a recruiter.

Don’t be afraid to just have a recruiter that you’re working with, whether you’re a passive job seeker. So kind of tying it back into that. I think just having a recruiter that you trust for when you’re actively looking and passively looking is so critical. So hopefully this video will help shed some light on what to look out for when looking for a new recruiting firm. Yeah, definitely. And make sure to stay tuned next week.

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