April 30, 2024

Recruiting Reality: All Things Hirewell: Corporate Functions


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In this episode of Recruiting Reality, Liz and Shania continue their ‘All Things Hirewell’ series by delving into the Corporate Functions Practice at Hirewell! They’ve invited Vincent Babcock, a Corporate Functions expert, to share insights into the practice and his experiences as a recruiter.

Episode Transcript

Hey everyone, welcome back to another week of recruiting reality. And typically we’re pairing hot topics in the entertainment industry with some helpful recruiting tips, but in our new series, all things Hirewell, we are diving into different functions of Hirewell, and giving you some deeper insight. And today we’re going to talk about all things, corporate functions.

So Liz, could you introduce our guests and tell us a little bit how the show is going to go. Absolutely. I’m so excited to introduce today’s guest because he and I work very closely together.

We’re on the same team here at Hirewell Corporate Functions. You all probably recognize his face because yes, he is LinkedIn famous. He is our LinkedIn influencer. Uh, Vincent Babcock, if you will, just tell us a little bit about yourself, your recruiting experience, and then what we do on our team every single day.

Absolutely. Super excited to be here. So thank you for that. Um, Also, I hate the term LinkedIn influencer, but that’s okay. Sorry. No, it’s okay. Um, But, yeah, so I have been in recruiting for, I guess, a little over 4 years now, um, mainly focused in accounting and finance, and then joined Hirewell, in April of 2022. So I just hit my 2 year mark.

Which is exciting. Happy anniversary! Thank you. But, yeah, so a little bit about me, um, I’m married.

I have 2 dogs. And yeah, so corporate functions recruiting. Um, We’re really focused on H.R. administrative, accounting and finance, and then legal, which, you know, we’re recruiting attorneys now. So literally just about anything that doesn’t fall within our other couple of buckets. We’re seeing a really big uptick in like, accounting and finance roles. Liz, would you agree? Like, I feel like-

Yeah. A good accountant right now is in very high demand and they could probably get three to four offers if they’re looking.

So, we kicked off a couple of cool searches this week with a new CFO in Chicago, uh, a couple like controllers. So, a lot of cool stuff going on within those buckets and then also some attorney searches we’ve just kicked off. So really seeing, you know, H.R. still a little bit down. And recruiting, you know, recruiting has been a little bit lower. We’re seeing some contract stuff come in, but, feel like the market’s still on the uptick, you know, it’s still coming back slowly, but, yeah, that’s-

I agree. I feel like too recently, doesn’t it feel like we’re seeing more operations roles? I think those have been falling kind of under corporate functions as well. Director of ops. Operations manager and much like if you tuned in to our episode last week, uh, where Emily chatted about go to market. We also recruit nationally. So a couple of those searches that Vincent mentioned that we’ve got going right now aren’t just you know, Chicago based, but we’ve got one in New Jersey.

We’ve got a couple happening, just in other parts of the U.S. So, all of the teams on, Hirewell can recruit nationally and internationally, like Emily was talking about. Yeah. Yeah. What’s your guys’s breakdown right now between like those interim or contract roles versus full time. Great question. I feel like it’s probably interim, like contract stuff. It’s probably like 20 percent to 80, maybe. It just depends on like the client need, but like we’re seeing an uptick for sure. in like contract like to hire. I think because companies too, with the layoffs and everything, like, they want to make sure they have the need full time.

Like, maybe there’s a project going on. They don’t know when exactly it will end. So the contract to hire is a good option. Like, hey, you know, maybe this will take 3 months. Maybe it takes 6 or maybe it turns into a full time job, but instead of just hiring too many people and then having, you know, lay people off and be all over LinkedIn and getting, you know, bad reputations on LinkedIn.

I feel like it’s been an interesting shift in the last, you know, year or so for our team specifically. Yeah. I feel like that’s a general industry trend that we’re seeing more contract temp contract to hire interim, whatever words you want to use. Those rules are kind of on the uptick. Definitely.

Absolutely. So if you are in a hiring position and you want to work with either me or Vincent on any corporate functions role, definitely reach out. But Shania, why don’t you segue us into our entertainment topic? Yeah. So Vincent, typically we, whatever our topic is, we have a really fun, like entertainment tie in, something that’s current and happening.

But since we have you here, we want to know what has been your favorite entertainment thing, whether that’s a show, a movie, a trend, what? What’s been all things, Vincent, for entertainment recently? My favorite show of all time, and I quote probably five times a day, is The Office. Can confirm. Oh, what, look at the cup I have today.

I literally have one. That’s perfect. That wasn’t even on purpose. I don’t have it here, but this is what I set my cups on. Blakelyn buys me all this. Oh my gosh. Yeah. I love it. Like literally I have, they’re over there, but I have bobbleheads. Like the office is like, if you follow me on LinkedIn, I probably post three GIFs a week of Michael or Kevin or Dwight.

I love that. I feel like there’s a Michael for every recruiting scenario. So it just works out great. That is so true. And also, is it (J) GIFs or is it GIFs? Cause I really think this whole time I’ve been saying GIFs. I say GIF. I was going to say GIF to be honest. I don’t know. GIF makes me think of the peanut butter.

But these are the hard pressing questions we talk about on Recruiting Reality. It’s an embarrassing amount of times I’ve seen that show. Like, But it’s kind of, I don’t know if you guys ever heard this, but they say like, it’s like feel good shows, like, when you watch it, you just feel like safe and I swear, like, that’s true.

Like, if it’s on, like, I don’t even have to be watching it. Like, I’m in a better mood. I don’t know how to explain it other than that. I love that. And offers psychological safety. We shockingly have not yet done an episode connecting the office to anything. This is our first mention of the office.

So in your honor, we will think of an episode that we can connect to the office once we wrap up this All Things Hirewell series. Yeah, just let me know. I can probably, like I said, I can quote almost every episode, so like give me a scenario. I could probably tell you like what season, what episode, like the time. Okay, we’ll make it happen. That’ll be perfect. All right, well, thank you so much, Vincent, for joining us today. It was a pleasure to know all things corporate functions and thanks for just taking the time out of your day. Awesome. Thanks guys. Thank you.

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