August 11, 2023

Recruiting Reality: From Barbies to Boardrooms – Dressing for Success


Episode Highlights

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Join us in this exciting inaugural episode of “Recruiting Reality” as we explore the parallels between the art of fashion and the art of making a lasting first impression during interviews. Just like Margot Robbie’s meticulously chosen ensembles for various media events during the Barbie movie premier, your interview attire can set you up for success in your job interview, whether it is conducted virtually or in person.

Episode Transcript

Hey everyone. Welcome to our first episode of our new LinkedIn show, recruiting Reality. My name is Shania, and this is my co-host Liz. Hey y’all. We’re going to come at you each week with some hot topics in the entertainment industry and pair them up with some helpful recruiting tips, and we thought Barbie and Margot Robbie were going to be the best topics to kick off our new show.

A hundred percent were even wearing pink to commemorate the occasion. So excited to tie Barbie in with our recruiting topic of the week. There was one thing that you mentioned to me before we jumped on that really stuck out to you about Barbie, though. Yeah, I mean, Barbie is such a great movie.

It’s definitely female empowerment, and Margot Robbie and all of her outfits and just like all of the promo leading up to it have been so iconic. A hundred percent. I noticed that she’s actually wearing like you said, iconic Barbie outfits that Barbie herself has worn, the doll. And it got us thinking about how that ties in with our recruiting topic of the week, which is interview attire and dressing to impress / dressing for success.

When you go into an interview, whether that’s onsite or zoom, and kind of just thinking really intentionally about, what that’s going to look like. If you’re on Zoom, making sure your lighting looks right. And I know you had some good tips that you wanted to share as well. Yeah, I think ultimately a lot of people don’t realize to ask what the professional dress looks like for an interview with the hiring manager.

And when working with agency recruiters like Liz and I, typically that’s in our prep to you about what to look like on the interview whether you need a polo or whether you need a blazer on. But if you’re working with a corporate recruiter and they don’t mention that, it’s not taboo to ask, it’s actually going to be super helpful.

All it’s going to do is set you up for success. So make sure to ask if your recruiter has not told you what the attire is, even if it is on zoom. Exactly. Dress for success. Always. All right. Catch us next week and we’ll be back with some more recruiting tips.

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