June 22, 2022

Hirewell’s Next Step – Building a Talent Ecosystem


Last year, Hirewell took on a strategic investment from Prytek.  The past 8 months have been a whirlwind of growth. We’ve been heads down doing a ton. Below are some highlights:

  • Finalized two acquisitions (Sourcewell and Rainmakers)
  • Rolled out Sourcwell to our internal team – automating 100+ searches per month
  • Launched a Sourcewell Beta program with 10 companies
  • Integrated Rainmakers and our Sales Recruiting practice
  • And we’ve hired 50 people. A bunch of great recruiters as well as our People, Product Marketing, Operations, and Finance teams

It’s been busy.  But we’ve been so busy executing our plan, I realized that WHAT the actual plan is might not be clear. Prytek has a VC (Venture Capital) arm. The VC arm invests in early-stage tech companies. They also have a corporate arm. The corporate arm builds vertically integrated, tech-enabled ecosystems. First it was ThriveDX in CyberEducation. Then Delta Capita in FinTech. Now Hirewell in Talent Solutions.

Ok, but what does that mean?  Here’s a quick history lesson on recruiting:

I’ve been in the recruiting world a long time. Some firms were still faxing resumes when I started. There have been rumors of technology putting recruiters out of business for 20+ years.  First, it was Monster.com.  Then it was Linkedin. Then Indeed. Then Applicant Tracking Systems. Just kidding. I have never been worried about ZipRecruiter putting us out of business (love their ads though).  For the last few years, there has been a lot of buzz re: AI, bots, and other cutting-edge tech that could automate the whole thing.

You know what has happened in that time?  The industry has grown.  A lot. The Executive Search business is a $25B industry.  Staffing is several times that. And there are all kinds of tools out there.  Some of them are not half bad.

No matter the innovations, people are still the most important part of the process. That’s why there are thousands of recruiter openings right now.  Hiring recruiters has become as hard as hiring software engineers.

And…that’s the plan.  Combine Hirewell’s high-touch services (130 recruiters and counting) with cutting-edge technology. Hire great people and arm them with the best technology out there.  And if companies want that technology themselves?  Great.  Give us a call.

That’s the Hirewell Talent Ecosystem.

Our high-touch services, all powered by technology:

  • Managed Recruiting (Exec Search + Volume Hiring + Interim Talent)
  • OnDemand Recruiting (our version of outsourced recruitment)

Our self-service tech:

  • Sourcewell (AI sourcing tool – get access to millions of tech candidates in minutes)
  • Rainmakers (sales talent marketplace – connect with prescreened sales talent directly within minutes)

Have a strong internal team?  Our tools will help them find great talent faster.  You don’t want them spending all day on Linkedin.  Or posting jobs and hoping people apply.

There is a lot more to come. But in the meantime, I joined Ryan Brown on the Hirewell Daily Update to talk about it.  Check it out!

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