April 23, 2024

Recruiting Reality: All Things Hirewell: Go-To-Market Practice


Episode Highlights

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Liz and Shania are launching a new series, ‘All Things Hirewell,’ where they dive into the various practices and divisions at Hirewell. Each episode will feature a special guest specializing in a specific area. In this episode, Emily Goor joins the hosts of Recruiting Reality to discuss the ‘Go-To-Market’ practice at Hirewell!

Episode Transcript

Hey everyone, welcome back to another week of Recruiting Reality, the show where we pair up hot topics in the entertainment industry with some helpful recruiting tips. And we’re going to be straying away from our typical tie ins and all of that, but I’ll let Liz go ahead and explain why we have our guest Em on today and what you can stay tuned for the next few weeks.

So exciting. Welcome Emily Goor. We have our very first guest for our newest Hirewell series on All Things Hirewell, so if you remember a while back, we talked a little bit about our new kind of offerings as an advisory and what we offer within that space. And today and in this series we are going to get more granular into the different function slash practices that we have here at Hirewell, and we are starting with our go-to-market team. We have one of the experts, a Hirewellian for many years, on the show today, Emily Goor to talk us through who she is, what they do and how they can help you hire. Wow, what an intro. I’m so happy to be here.

I’m excited to be your first, but it feels like a little bit of pressure. So we’ve got to set the bar high, I guess. We’re setting it. But, I appreciate the intro. Like you said, my name is Emily. I’m a director on our go-to-market recruiting team here at Hirewell. I’ve been at Hirewell for like five and a half years.

I’m located out in Los Angeles now. So, yeah, fun to be starting the Hirewell California team. I love it. Yeah, we’re in it together. We’re in it together. You and me, Shania. Yes, I mean, I guess just to sort of dive deeper, like, some people might be listening and be like, what is go-to-market recruiting?

We focus a lot on sales and marketing roles, whether it’s perms, you know, permanent roles or interim roles. And yeah, everything. I mean, on the sales side, I’m sure like Shania is a profesh, our profesh marketing recruiter. I focus, I think, a little bit more heavily on the sales side. Everything from BDRs to, account executives, enterprise, AEs, sales managers, all the way up to like the CRO level.

And then Shania, you can jump in here whenever you want, but on the marketing side, everything from product marketing roles, demand gen, you know, your generalist roles all the way up until, you know, your chief marketing officers. I’m sure, Shania, I could throw in a million more titles. Yeah.

Yeah. It’s fun. We like what we do on the go-to-market side. We definitely get to work with some interesting roles. I think one of my favorite parts is we get a partner with a lot of startups that need to build up their sales teams, which is something that Em is able to specialize in and we like literally get to watch them bloom from the ground up due to some of the hires that we’re able to implement on the teams and on the marketing side, everything is so fun from interim contract roles at the entry level, looking for new grads all the way up to like those CMOs, like Em said.

So we have a lot of fun over here. So much fun. And like you said, I do think like, especially recently, we’ve definitely focused a lot on those founding type of roles, like working with founder led sales teams and founders creating their, like, sometimes it’s their very first AE role that we’re working on.

So like founding account executive or like the first, you know, maybe it’s AE number two. I’d say our sweet spot right now feels like it’s AE number one to five. We’re doing a lot of that right now. And it’s, it’s really fun. I think it’s always a good reminder that Hirewell offers advisory too, so we’re not just going to come in and like, be like, oh, hey, you have a founding AE role?

Great. Let me send you resumes. Like, we’re going to get really granular in what you need, but also look at how can we strategize around your interview process and like, help you with interview rubrics or, you know, just overall process. And I think, you know, it gets a lot deeper than just here’s some resumes and good luck.

Yeah, best of luck to you. Yeah. I think that’s really what sets Hirewell apart in terms of being like a consultative search partner, in all the things. And just as a reminder, we do recruit nationally. So although Hirewell’s corporate office is in Chicago, Shania and Em are in California, I’m in New York City.

We recruit, and you all, I’m assuming, have positions all across the U.S., right? Yeah. Yeah. I would even say, like, internationally, yes, like I know like last year we were filling roles in like Hong Kong and like a lot of founding U. S. roles too, which I think is fun. Sometimes it’s just things that are fresh in my mind but working with, like, an Israeli based company and building out their first U.S. team right now. I know we did that last year with an Amsterdam based company. So, I’d say, you know, most of the roles are national, but we’ve dipped our toe in the international waters, too. Love it. Well, thank you so much for explaining all of that.

You did an amazing job. Way better than I could have done. So, thank you. I doubt that’s true, Shania. I doubt that’s true. Well, anyways, we have to get into some sort of entertainment topic. So, instead of doing a tie in, we just want to know what your favorite entertainment thing is. Whether it’s a show, a movie, what are you, like, obsessed with right now?

This is going to be a tie in. I’m going to-


Good! I love it. I’m going to rock your world right now. You are setting the bar high. You are. So I said we like do dip our toes a little bit into international waters. Yeah. I’m so embarrassed that I’m saying this live on LinkedIn right now. My husband and I just like, you know, when you’re seeing like a mindless show?

Yeah. Yeah. So, okay. So we wanted to start the show, Showgun. Have you guys heard of that one? Also international, right? It looks really, really good. It just requires a lot of focus. I think there’s a lot of subtitles and like sometimes late at night, like just, I just want to sit on my couch and like not focus too hard.

So, we’ve dipped our toes into other international waters and we’ve been watching-

Oh God *drumroll* Love Island UK. Oh! That is a stark contrast. It really is, but it is so good. It is so good and mindless, I mean. It blows my mind that they, like, do one show every single day. There’s, like, 50 episodes in one season. We’re literally only on, like, episode two.

Like, we’re not even, like, we’ve barely gotten super far. We like watch one episode and we’re like, it’s bedtime. But yeah, that’s my, that’s so embarrassing to admit, but that’s our- did you like the tie in the international? Was that cute? Yeah. But no, I’m like embarrassed that I was just like, yeah, our go-to-market recruiting team is amazing.

Like, you know, all the roles, like super consultative. And then I was like, and I watch Love Island. So if you were thinking of working with Hirewell, and I just ruined it, just like give me one more chance. Oh my goodness. Well, thank you so much, Emily, for being on the show and introducing go-to-market to us.

Make sure to tune in. We have way more practices coming down the line and we’re so excited. Thanks for having me.



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