February 27, 2024

Recruiting Reality: America’s Got Talent & So Does Hirewell! 


Episode Highlights

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Liz and Shania launch the debut episode of their latest three part series, exploring everything related to Hirewell as we transition into a prominent role as a Talent Solutions partner. In this inaugural episode, we delve into the intricacies of our Search Function, unraveling the array of services we provide. Drawing inspiration from the renowned show America’s Got Talent, we connect the dots between our search capabilities and the exciting journey of talent discovery!

Episode Transcript

Hey, everyone. Welcome back to another week of Recruiting Reality, the show where we pair up hot topics in the entertainment industry with some helpful recruiting tips. And we are on the second part of our series where we’re talking about how Hirewell is able to partner with our clients as a talent partner and provide some solutions.

And this week we are talking about our search efforts. And it got us thinking about our entertainment tie in as America’s Got Talent, the judges search for talent across the entire U.S. and that’s very similar to what we do over here at Hirewell, we can search across the entire world, really. So Liz, why don’t you talk to us a little bit more about our search?

Absolutely. So we, while we definitely equate ourselves with America’s got talent, there are no Simon Cowell’s over here, lots of positivity, lots of good vibes, and so excited to have found a tie in that allows us to, I’ve always got to like pull out, like, look at our fun outfits and we went red, white, blue, we’re like, America’s Got Talent.

But Hirewell Talent Solutions, first part of our series talking about search. So kind of what does that mean as far as what we offer within that search kind of function, and that’s one off. So if you’ve got just like a key role or player that you need to add to your team, you know that you don’t have a lot of, like, scaling growth that you need to do.

We can help with those one off searches if you just need, like, that last star player. We do volume, so we can also scale up teams cross functionally in really any function. Go-to-market teams, marketing teams, HR teams. We work from companies that are, you know, in their series A, series B, like at that startup stage all the way up to like very established companies that have been around for some time.

And then there’s that third one, Shania, do you want to talk about kind of what the third one is? Yeah. Our third function is the executive function. And I think a lot of firms, like they definitely have their specialty in executive and that’s all that they do. But I think what’s awesome about Hirewell is we’re able to stack across all levels.

And executive is one of them and we’ve hired multiple people into the C suite and all around that. And one of my favorite parts about Hirewell is like Liz mentioned, we have that volume aspect. So we know exactly what you’re looking for and we can build you out a full team essentially over the course of a few years that not only align with your brand and what we know, but we have some sort of continuity throughout building your team.

It’s something we’ve done with a few clients. Sometimes it’s 12 hires in 4 months and sometimes it’s 5 hires over the course of 5 years, but it’s, I think it’s really helpful to know your client that well. I completely agree and I think another just like key thing to keep in mind about our solutions within this is we do have different functions and within each of those functions, specialized recruiters who dedicate themselves to, you know, for example, Shania is on our go-to-market and marketing function.

So her bread and butter and her pipeline of network is built out of those candidates, she’s got those relationships built out. I sit on the corporate functions, so anything in HR, accounting and finance, operations. And so, you know when you’re working with a team, you’ve got specialized recruiters who, you know, day in and day out, they kind of know the market within that space, which is, you know, obviously another plug for Hirewell, which is what we’re here to do.

So if you are hiring and looking within the one off, the volume or the executive search, please reach out to myself or Shania and we can make some connections happen. And stay tuned next week to hear more about our efforts across interim searches. Yay!




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