January 30, 2024

Recruiting Reality: Critiques at Awards Shows and in Interview Feedback


Episode Highlights

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As the awards season comes to a close, Liz and Shania want to discuss one of their favorite awards shows, the Golden Globes. Each of these shows has intense critiques, not only about who should have won but also about the fashion on the red carpet. They discuss their favorite looks at the Golden Globes while emphasizing the importance of receiving both constructive and positive feedback after interviews.

Episode Transcript

Hey everyone, welcome back to another week of Recruiting Reality, the show where we pair up hot topics in the entertainment industry with some helpful recruiting tips. And as we’re nearing the end of awards season, Liz and I wanted to go back and just reflect on the Golden Globes. It hit social media like crazy and one of the big things that happens with any awards show is all the critiquing that goes into it, whether it’s about the fashion, about different drama that happened, about people who actually received the awards and so on and so forth.

But one of our favorite things is just absolutely fangirling over these dresses that happened on the red carpet. A hundred percent. The fashion is 10 out of 10. We of course had to pick out a couple of our favorite outfits, particularly from the Golden Globes. For me, of course, Taylor stuck out in that gorgeous lime green sparkly dress.

Forever Swifty. And then I loved Natalie Portman’s also sequin dress. I just, I think I really like shiny things is the thing. What about you? Yeah, the same shiny theme. Margot Robbie’s beautiful pink. Just, it was just beautiful. I think she found out through the Barbie movie that pink is really her color.

So I’m glad she’s embracing it. She’s embracing it. Yes. And then Julianne Moore, she had this beautiful red dress with this nice, pretty neckline. It was just, it was simple and elegant and nothing too crazy. And I really liked that one whenever she walked through. But anyways, tying into our recruiting topic, Liz, do you want to take it away?

Yes, I will take it away. Well, the recruiting topic of the week is feedback because essentially what we just did was offer our own personal critique to some gorgeous dresses. Sometimes feedback is positive. Sometimes feedback is negative. So we really just wanted to kind of talk about how to approach feedback in general, especially within an interview process.

A couple of key points that I really wanted to talk about when you are speaking either with a recruiter that you’re working with or the hiring manager and they’re offering feedback, it’s okay to ask for even more specifics. It’s the specifics that will help you figure out what areas do I really need to hone in on?

What are those nuances within these areas that can give me room for improvement? And then the 2nd is just reflecting on that feedback. Taking it receptively, understanding that feedback is part of how we learn, part of how we grow, part of how we improve for our next interview. And those are my couple of thoughts on feedback.

What do you think? Yeah, I mean in a nutshell, good feedback and bad feedback is going to help you. A lot of times when we hear like, oh, let’s look at the interview feedback, we tend to the the negative, like oh, what could I have done better? But also that’s the big thing for if you did get let go from the interview process, you want to know, hey, what should I do next time?

Why didn’t it work out? Like I need that closure. But if you’re in the interview process, you get to that next step, it’s also really beneficial to be like what did they like about me? What made them want to move me to that next step? What can I continue expanding on or reinforcing throughout the next rounds of the interview process?

And so I think it’s really beneficial to ask for both depending on kind of what your stage is and really learn from both. Exactly. We love all things feedback and we love feedback on our show. So if you have any positive or negative feedback, we’d love to hear it or any ideas as we continue to conquer 2024. We would love more ideas for recruiting reality.

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