February 20, 2024

Recruiting Reality: Rebranding


Episode Highlights

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 As Hirewell has rebranded as a “Talent Solutions Partner,” Liz and Shania draw parallels to the rebranding journey undertaken by the Kardashians, shifting from E! to Hulu. Much like the Kardashians’ strategic pivot, Hirewell’s rebrand represents a deliberate move toward greater success. Positioned as a premier Talent Solutions Partner, Hirewell is ready to address your organization’s diverse talent requirements with expertise and dedication.

Episode Transcript


Hey, everyone. Welcome back to another week of Recruiting Reality, the show where we pair up hot topics in the entertainment industry with some helpful recruiting tips. And we are back with another series in 2024, which is so exciting for us. And we are going to take this series and talk about Hirewell’s rebrand and our recruiting tie in of the week is one of my favorite shows for like my entire life.

Liz, go ahead and talk about it. It’s a fun show. It was fun to pick our color scheme for the week to this show. We are going with the Kardashians, y’all. As you all know, and don’t say you don’t know because you do, Kardashians are, I mean, whether or not you are a fan of them, they are a household name.

Exactly. They got their start on E!, Keeping Up With the Kardashians. We like, I mean, same- whole life. I feel like I’ve watched them grow up, which is so funny. Yeah. They were on E! For many, many, many years, but they have rebranded. They chose to leave that network and are now on Hulu and are no longer Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

But I think it’s just like the Kardashians. The Kardashians. Yep. Exactly. So they do full rebranding. Hirewell is still as, you know, special in all of its ways, but we are now really showing kind of who we are and the different functions that we can help companies with and are rebranding ourselves as a Talent Solutions Company, more of an advisory, but break that down for us, Shania.

What do we have to expect the rest of this series? Yeah, I think the saying that we’ve come up with is measure twice, cut once. And we have three different functions that we’re branching out with in this advisory and it’s RPO, our search function, and then our interim function. And throughout these next few weeks, we’re going to dive deep into each of them.

So I’ll just leave it at that, give you a little bit of a teaser for what to expect moving forward. Sneak peak. Bye!



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